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Thousands of fishermen and pleasure boaters are attracted to the many excellent marinas, campgrounds and recreational facilities that are available around the Saginaw Bay. Saginaw Bay is considered one of the most productive and fertile fisheries of the Great Lakes. Saginaw Bay is a large, relatively shallow basin along the western shore of Lake Huron that has become one of the nation's top walleye fisheries. A combination of national walleye tournaments and the outdoor media have focused attention on the excellent fishing. After spawning, walleye and perch move downstream and back into the bay. During summer, as the inner bay warms, walleye begin a slow movement toward the cooler water of the outer bay. In late fall, movement of pre-spawn walleye occurs up the Saginaw River. Fingerling plantings in the late 1970's are given credit for re-establishing the Saginaw Bay walleye population. Currently walleye and yellow perch fishing dominate the fishery and are by far the most commonly sought-after fishing species. Recent surveys have shown that walleye growth rates are some of the highest in the Midwest. The studies also revealed walleye can reach the legal minimum size of 15 inches after just two growing seasons with most requiring three seasons to grow into the 17-to-18 inch category. Call The FishFly Charter's experienced Captain Jay Gallagher to book your Saginaw Bay Walleye fishing experience today! 810.280.9655

Lake Michigan salmon fishing provides some of the best salmon fishing activity. Salmon fishing has been a major part of the sport fishing industry in Michigan since the introduction of several salmon species into the Great Lakes system in the 1960s to control alewife populations. Salmon fishing is strong up and down Lake Michigan - from St. Joseph to Frankfort. The months of July, August and September are generally the best for Lake Michigan Salmon fishing. And if you are seeking the mighty King Salmon this is the time to come, when they are in a full-scale feeding mode. Sizable Lake Trout can also be found in abundance during July, August and September. The weather generally cooperates this time of the year - and the salmon fishing is great. King Salmon and Steelhead are often the target species, but on many days all Lake Michigan salmon species (King, Chinook, Steelhead, Brown Trout and Coho) can be found schooling together. The size of Lake Michigan's salmon population can range from 5-30 pounds - or more! Call The FishFly Charter's experienced Captain Jay Gallagher to book your Lake Michigan (Manistee) Salmon fishing experience today! 810.280.9655